Holy Rood House

12th - 31st August 2019

Holy Rood House is available for

self catering individuals, families, groups

6 - 8 September 2019

Men's Spirituality Retreat

14th September 2019

Trauma Training Day

'The Traumatised Self as a Damaged Mind-Body-Soul Being'

With Dr David McDonald

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19th September 2019

Replenish Day

'Finding Peace'

With Helen Warwick

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27 - 29th September 2019

Community Companions Retreat

5th October 2019

Autumn Quiet Garden Day

'Earth's Riches'

With Helen Warwick

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18 October - 20 October 2019

Creative Weaving and the

Holy Weaver' Retreat

With Helen Warwick

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26th October 2019

'Well on the Way'

Special event

With The Rt Rev'd & Rt Hon

Rowan Williams

and Rev'd Dr Barbara Glasson

21st November 2019

Replenish Day

With Helen Warwick

30 November - 1 December


'Dreaming Dreams for Advent'


With Veronica Whitty

23 December - 28th December 2019

Christmas Houseparty

30 December 2019- 3rd January 2020

New Year Houseparty