Holy Rood House

Time and space for You at a time of need

Your group…

may appreciate some time out for relaxation, stress management, massage perhaps and delicious home-baked cake!

Sometimes groups require facilitation or conflict resolution to support them in their well-being.

Being together in a healing environment enables good group dynamics.

Holy Rood House is the place to turn to for group health and healing.

As well as providing training for your group in a variety of areas relating to the work we do, we would be pleased to provide training in:

‘How to look after yourself…’

I came to this house

wearing my dark cloak-

of powerlessness –

laid it on the ground

for all to see

Friends picked it up –

circling the hem

they danced with it

tossed it skyward

like a parachute game –

to reveal small shoots

of power and hope

growing under wraps.

Jean Barker

Thank you so much for making us all so welcome and giving us such an enlightening and enjoyable day…When I think of you all and the house, a warmth surrounds me, a peace and calm takes over my whole being

and I am safe. An arm encircles me and a good spirit is with me…

Health and well-being for you or your group

You as an individual

or with another person

There are many reasons why we may choose to come to Holy Rood House, and perhaps the main one is that we know we can come along at a time of need.

We may feel we need some healing. Perhaps some time out, to stand back and relax and reflect. Here at Holy Rood we seek to respond to your needs and find the right person for you to meet with.

If you click on the pages of this site you will discover how we engage with health and well-being.

Contact us to discuss your personal requirements, and we will do our best to meet them. You are welcome to access the various aspects of health and well-being offered at Holy Rood House when they are available.

    I feel like my whole self has been     affirmed here…

    …for the freedom to laugh and to cry

   to talk and remain silent

   to be…and to be me