Holy Rood House

Complementary Therapies

Complementary Therapies

Holy Rood House has always worked within a holistic framework towards health and well-being. We understand the effect of trauma on our bodies, as well as the effect of every day stresses, causing muscle tension, leading to ill-health.

Our therapists work with the disruption to the body which the stress has caused, and this re-establishes the balance functions of the body bring it into greater harmony. Our therapists work with compassion and genuine care and their work brings benefit to our physical, metabolic, emotional, spiritual and psychological health.

We are pleased to welcome highly trained therapists who give generous time to our many guests. They work as part of the inter-disciplinary, therapeutic team at Holy Rood House.

Therapy may be followed by a good rest and a welcome cup of tea. No-one has to rush off following therapy, so everyone is able to benefit to the full.

What are the costs for complementary therapies?

At Holy Rood House we ask for a donation towards the costs of all our therapies. Our suggested donations for all therapies range from £20-£50 depending on the treatment itself and the financial circumstances.  

The most important thing is that our guests receive the best quality holistic care that Holy Rood House can offer. This is not dependent on costs.