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‘Wounds that Heal’: Theology, Imagination and Health, Ed Jonathan Baxter, SPCK 2007

In this invigorating volume, the first of Holy Rood's publications, a variety of distinguished authors explore the interface between theology and health.  Particular emphasis is placed on the role of the imagination within the Christian healing ministry, and how this makes an impact on and challenges current practice. The editor, Jonathan Baxter, was Co-ordinator of CSTH from 2003-2005.

Among the contributors: Rowan Williams, Mary Grey, Brian Thorne, Elaine Graham., Grace Jantzen, June Boyce-Tillman, Elizabeth Baxter, Roger Grainger and Jonathan Baxter.

‘Spirituality of Survival’, Enabling a Response to Trauma and Abuse, Barbara Glasson, Continuum, 2009

As Director of face2face, a project of The Centre for the study of Theology and Health, from 2006-2009, Barbara Glasson asks how stories of 'survivors' can begin to transform society and the church.  What helps some people 'sur vivre', that is, to live over and above their stories of trauma and abuse and begin to flourish?  What is it that brings resilience to the human spirit, what are redemptive relationships and how can we make 'safe enough' spaces for hidden stories to come to light?  How can inappropriate power relations be challenged, and forgiveness be a community activity rather than an individual's burden?

Other Publications relating to Holy Rood House:

‘The Life Giving Path’: Reflections for Personal Exploration and Discovery, Helen Warwick, Kevin Mayhew, 2016

With inspirational stories and creative techniques, Helen Warwick, residential community member at Holy Rood House, explores ways to finding a more fulfilled and meaningful life.  Her emphasis on personal reflection enables the reader to review their circumstances, find their uniqueness and connect to more life-giving ways.  The details can be found on http://www.kevinmayhew.com/the-life-giving-path.html (as well as information on other books Helen has written).

‘Hymns of Hope and Healing’: Words and Music to Refresh the Church’s Ministry of Healing, Edited by Jan Berry & Andrew Pratt, Stainer and Bell, 2017

In 2010, Revd Dr Jan Berry set up the ‘Hymns for Healing’ project, whilst working as Director of The Centre for the Study of Theology and Health at Holy Rood House.  This project gathered together theologians, biblical scholars, hymn writers and musicians to explore how hymns contribute to the ministry of healing. This book brings together a collection of writings from this project and beyond it.  In this new, exciting book, Jan Berry and Andrew Pratt provide an imaginative and unique resource for the healing ministry of the church.  Please click here for more information.

‘Holy Rood House Community Prayer’, Elizabeth Baxter, Holy Rood House Publication, 2017

These liturgies in this book arise from the life and ministry of Holy Rood House.  They are written by Elizabeth Baxter and celebrated by the community.  It is through the inspiration and wisdom received from the guests, that these prayers and liturgies in this book have been created.  The book is dedicated to them.  This book is for sale in house.

‘Poetry and Art from Holy Rood House; A Celebration of 25 Years 1993 - 2018’, Edited by Elizabeth Baxter, Holy Rood House Publication, 2018

Holy Rood House is a place of creativity and this book expresses something of this.  It is an anthology of poems and art work produced by those who have experienced Holy Rood House, either by staying or working there.  The book is a celebration of so many people who have crossed the threshold in the last 25 years.

‘Wisdom Calls; Transforming Ways for Insightful Living’,Helen Warwick (Our Community member and Chaplain, and published Spiritual Writer), Sacristy Press, 2023.

In Helen Warwick’s latest book, Helen explores practical and creative ways we can connect to the call of wisdom, within us all to bring forth healing and transformation in our loves.  Details can be found at


Please click here to watch Helen launch this book at Holy Rood House is October 2023.

Our occasional publications include:

Seeking the Hidden Way Poetry Collection by Jan Younger,

Travelling the Way Poetry Collection by Jan Younger,

Flowers at Holy Rood House, by Elizabeth Baxter and Elaine Wisdom,

What’s Wrong with the Minister, by Stanley Baxter.