Holy Rood House

Time and Space for Expression

Exhibition Gallery

The Gallery was set up in 2003 as part of The Centre for the Study of Theology and Health, which takes seriously the interface between the arts and theology.  Since then we have had many and varied exhibitions, photographic, sculptures and paintings.  The space is available for groups or individuals to show their work if there are links with the wider work of Holy Rood House and the Theology Centre.  For example local Mental Health Groups have exhibited their art work.  Also individual artists with an interest in spirituality have exhibited their work.  Sometimes exhibitions have been fun and light - others are more serious and reflective.  We have also housed the York Diocesan Slavery Photographic Exhibition during the Wilberforce centenary.

Exhibitions usually run for one month.  There is always an exhibition on during the Thirsk Festival in July.

We have recently exhibited a collection of paintings produced by the children at Sowerby Primary School. After visiting to see the gardens, the children created some beautiful artwork based upon the plants, flowers and trees.

We are delighted to be soon exhibiting a collection of icon paintings by Revd Andrew De-Smet, icon artist, York Diocesan Pastoral Care Advisor and Consultant to Holy Rood House.  Andrew will be talking about his icons at our Easter Retreat, ‘Easter People Well on the Way’ please click here for leaflet. Speaking about Icons, Andrew said “Icons have been described as “windows into heaven” - they portray the heavenly realities of the Bible narratives and lives of saints.  The icons invite contemplation on the significance to us of the events or people they portray.”

If you would be interested in exhibiting in our Gallery please do get in contact with us.