Holy Rood House

Time and space for you to learn alongside us

Living and working in Holy Rood House

Wanting to live in Community?

Wanting to share your gifts within a radical and open Christian environment?

We would like to hear from you.

We are looking for young adults between 18 – 35 down to earth, with an open and inclusive approach.

YOU may have some of the following gifts we are looking for….

hospitality, maintenance, gardening, animal care, music, art, drama, therapeutic skills, IT, library, pastoral care, humour, driving, walking… with an interest in theology and spirituality.

This ecumenical charity also has The Centre for the Study of Theology and Health.

Contact – with CV and / or for further information please contact The Revd Sue Hammersley by emailing sue@holyroodhouse.org.uk

The community is built around the life of prayer in the House, which, alongside meals, creates a gentle structure to each day. The work of the two houses is varied, which means that every day is different, with new challenges and plenty of social and community events to enjoy. By serving and caring for our many guests and visitors new friendships are created and our lives are enriched and personal growth developed.

The work of the members of the residential community will include House Keeping and House Management, helping with preparation of meals, and serving and clearing them. Some cleaning, washing up and laundering is also required. Rather than these being seen as chores, we are offering the hospitality of our shared home to those who come at a difficult time in their lives, when a sense of being lovingly cared for makes all the difference.

Welcoming our guests is an essential part of the daily life of the House. It may be that you collect someone from the station, and be the first person to greet them. Being a good listener is important, and you may be the one who first responds to a crisis. There are always other therapeutic staff to come to your aid!

Evening care is shared, and looking after our guests at this time is important. Sometimes the evenings and nights can seem very long if someone is living with emotional or physical pain. A game of scrabble, a drive into the country, or just being there makes all the difference.

Each community member has different skills to offer, gardening, house maintenance, cooking, first aid administration, pastoral, clowning, musical, artistic, etc. Working together as a team we seek to support each other in our particular areas of expertise.

As well as our usual time off, members of the community have opportunities to attend training days, study, and take advantage of the libraries, the creative arts room, or to talk through their personal journey with someone. We work together to create spaces and breaks from work, including a weekend each term and the opportunity for personal retreat, as well as generous holiday times.

Working at Holy Rood House is very hard work. We all need stamina and commitment as well as a sense of humour. There is a good deal of laughter in the House, which helps to create a happy and healing atmosphere. A flexible approach and willingness to take responsibility is important. Many of our guests are very vulnerable and respond to sensitivity and a warm manner.

We ask our community members to be non-smoking, and if possible to be able to drive. We provide accommodation, full board and allowance, responding to the needs of individuals as best as we can. Members of the community look out for and support each other.

There is always plenty going on in Thirsk market town, which boasts its own swimming pool, fitness centre and cinema. The countryside around is spectacular, and the sea is only forty-five minutes away.

If you feel you have a sense of vocation to share in community in this way, do email The Revd Sue Hammersley at sue@holyroodhouse.org.uk with your CV and why you feel this vocation. Please tell us something about your spiritual journey.


Holy Rood House is pleased to receive placements. Many people of different ages and from varied areas of society have enjoyed working alongside the staff for part of their training. We accept placements in all areas of the work, gardening, catering, social care, school placements, social services, college, church and counselling placements. Sometimes people choose to be residential or it may be one day a week for a term. To start the placement process contact: enquiries@holyroodhouse.org.uk.

Taken from written placement assessments:

Trainee Care Worker placement:

‘In speaking with visitors, it was apparent from them, that they all, without exception, found their visit there to be of huge benefit for their needs… I learned how very important the care provided by Holy Rood House is in the healing process of individuals whether that is an ongoing process or a single, complete one. I also learned, arguably the most important lesson of my placement, that a care setting reflects the character of its staff. Without exception, the staff members of Holy Rood House were warm, kind, cheerful, helpful, caring and dedicated. Their enthusiasm was matched by their commitment to the care, comfort and recovery of the visitors there. They dedicated themselves to the task of providing the best possible experience for the people who used the service provided by them. In my opinion their success in this is absolute. The environment provided by them was rich in consideration and compassion which gave the Centre a palpable aura of peace and tranquillity and made my visit there not only informative and hugely beneficial for the purpose of my role with the PCT, but a valuable experience for me on many personal levels.’

Social and Nursing placement:

‘There are many reasons to come here, for relaxation, for rest, for company or alternatively to be left alone. The guests may have suffered recent bereavement, be recuperating from an accident, have a life changing event which they may be struggling to cope with or they may just need some ‘time out’. I found all the staff friendly and helpful and very welcoming. As the ward that I work on is such a busy place and my home life is quite hectic the quiet was initially slightly unnerving but soon became very calming. I would imagine even after a short stay the memories would stay with you for some time and hopefully offer comfort when needed.’

Theology & Religious Studies Dept & Independent Learning Unit of the College of York St John:

‘I found the community progressive with an ‘organic’ liturgy ‘permeate(ing) the entire work of the community – everything that is done is an act of worship.’

Volunteers are always welcome

Apart from Counsellors and Therapists we are looking for people who can just 'be there' for others, to befriend, to listen, to be an arm to lean on. We are also pleased to have volunteers in gardening, cooking and baking, administration, maintenance, house-keeping, animal care and creative arts.

To support us we are on the look out for help with our fund-raising, both locally and through Charitable Trusts.

Have you got some of these skills?

If you feel that you might have something to offer the community here why not give us a ring on 01845 522580 or email enquiries@holyroodhouse.org.uk

We will be pleased to hear from you, show you round, and explore the possibilities with you.

Job Vocation Opportunity -  Finance Manager

Holy Rood House, Centre is seeking someone with experience, commitment and a heart for people, to lead our small finance team.

We are a Community of residential and non-residential members welcoming people of all ages and

backgrounds at a time of need, respite or retreat. Our gentle therapeutic space, including gardens and

art room, can help people turn their lives round at a difficult time or simply provide quiet time out of a

hectic schedule. The Community is founded on a gentle and inclusive Christian ethos.

This role is for someone who wants to use their skills to help make a difference. Working to our

Executive Director, the Finance Manager oversees our finances and budgets, procurement contracts,

suppliers, contractors and grant submissions, developing new projects, whilst ensuring compliance.

Although the salary is modest, there are many benefits of life in this Community. The Finance Manager

will share in the spiritual life of the Community, becoming part of our developing vision as the place to

turn to: www.holyroodhouse.org.uk

Location: - Holy Rood House, 10-12 Sowerby Road, Thirsk, YO7 1HX

Salary: - £23,795 FTE (40 Hours) plus contribution to NEST pension

Hours: - 32 hours, with opportunity for up to 40 hours

If this could be you, please contact: Sue Hammersley, sue@holyroodhouse.org.uk

with your CV and a covering letter.

Job Vocation  Opportunity  -  Catering & Hospitality Manager   

Holy Rood House, Centre for Health and Pastoral Care, is seeking someone that brings together  experience and love of cooking, with thoughtful and inspirational hospitality.    

We are a Community of hospitality, welcoming people of all ages and backgrounds as “the place to turn to” at a time of need, respite or retreat. This vital role will be the primary deliverer of the catering services, and manage the small hospitality team at site.

You will be able to share in the Spiritual and Pastoral Care of the Community, the events, the training, and become part of the on-going vision of Holy Rood House www.holyroodhouse.org.uk 
This post can be residential (full-board at site) or non-residential.

Location:  10-12 Sowerby Road, Thirsk, YO7 1HX
Charity Salary including contribution to NEST pension   
40 hours per week preferred.      

Please contact: email  enquiries@holyroodhouse.org.uk with an Expression of Interest
Centre for Health and Pastoral Care, Registered Charity 1099836