Holy Rood House

Time and Space just for YOU

Many people discover Holy Rood House just at the right time.  Sometimes it takes courage to come along on your own, but we will be there to welcome you, and on the platform waiting for you if you come by train.

People find their way to us for so many reasons. You may be tired out or worn down, needing to feel restored. You may feel the need to be cared for because you have been caring for others and have little energy left. You may feel Holy Rood could be the place to make for when you are in the midst of a crisis. If so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone. If the answer machine goes on - don’t hang up - just leave your name and number, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Many of our guests are referred to us by their GP or other professional agency.


I found Holy Rood House a sanctuary…when the sea was flooding in it gave me calm so I could test          the water again and not be scared

I feel I’ve had a few days in an Intensive (Loving) Care Unit!

Never before in my life have I received such unconditional love, warmth and security…

A blessing to everyone but especially to those who are lonely and broken-hearted…

We are also pleased to welcome many visitors who choose to stay at Holy Rood House for their holidays, because they enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and feeling part of the community.

At Holy Rood House we have a policy that no-one must feel unable to access resources because of finance. We work on the basis of donations with recommended amounts, and talk this through with individuals for whom these amounts may be difficult. Together we find ways forward. Some of our guests pay by standing order, others manage to access a grant, and some agencies will cover costs. Some of our guests use their direct payments to come to Holy Rood House.

For our Garden Room Access and Carers Suite please click here for leaflet.

For those of our guests who come through a referral process, we invoice the agency at a rate appropriate for our professional service.

CLERGY - retreat and therapeutic and spiritual support

Holy Rood house provides a safe space for Clergy and people from religious communities, to work towards their well-being.  Our counsellors, psychotherapists and spiritual directors are on hand to provide support required at a time of need. Confidentiality is crucial, and Clergy may be referred or self-refer.


In addition to our 24 hour residential visits we are also able to offer self-catering accommodation during the last two weeks of August and occasionally at other times, whilst the residential therapeutic centre is closed. Accommodation suits individuals as well as families of any size or groups up to 24.