Holy Rood House

Time and Space to discover Who’s Who

We are pleased to have Colette Johnston continuing her work for the Charity of many years, to support the hospitality of Holy Rood House. Colette helps to provide a welcoming, clean and safe space for our guests and staff, knowing how important it is for people to feel ‘at home’ in both houses.

Revd Elizabeth Baxter pioneered Holy Rood House with Stanley in 1993. Elizabeth is Executive Director of the Trust and lives in community full-time and is involved in the running of the day to day life of the community. She is pastor and chaplain to the community. Elizabeth is a spiritual director and theologian and co-ordinates The Centre for the study of Theology and Health.

Elaine Wisdom has been living and working in the community over the last two decades. She is a Roman Catholic and for many years lived as a religious sister. Elaine now offers her many creative, practical and pastoral gifts during the year and heads up the garden team.

Jim Dalton, who has been serving as a Trustee for many years, is Chair of our board of Trustees. Among his many gifts, Jim brings vast experience of children’s services and school governors work and dedication to the vision of the Charity.

Carolyn Williamson is a residential community member and Executive Assistant. Most people will be speaking to Carolyn on the phone or through email as the first point of contact, and she is likely to be the one who will book people in to stay at Holy Rood House. Among the many gifts she brings is the care and organisation of groups.

Nick Warwick lives in community at Holy Rood House, and is the Business Manager of the Trust.  Alongside his pastoral, musical and practical gifts, Nick especially supports the on-going development and sustainability of the Charity.

Helen Warwick lives here in community too. Helen is part of the Chaplaincy Team and is a spiritual writer. Helen’s ministry as a Spiritual Director here uses creativity at the heart of her work including creative writing. Her published books can be seen on Kevin Mayhew’s website

URL: http://www.kevinmayhew.com/info/contributors/helen-warwick.html

and ordered through the net and in bookshops.

Carole Senior is Hospitality Manager at Holy Rood House.  Her many skills include making homemade meals for guests and catering for groups. Carole has a bird’s eye view of the breadth of hospitality at Holy Rood House.     

We have been pleased to welcome Emmanuel Grassi to the daily life of the community as a voluntary pastoral worker and part of the hospitality team. Emmanuel brings vast experience of pastoral care and social work. He is also a trained Japanese Flower Arranger and is often busy helping around the house, kitchen and gardens.

Welcoming Urs Mattmann to the community with Emmanuel, we have enriched our Counselling and Psychotherapy Service and gained a dedicated community member. Urs is a Psycho-synthesis Psychotherapist, spiritual director, supervisor and trainer. Working with us daily, Urs is able to provide professional, systematic therapeutic support and spiritual accompaniment for our guests and clients.

The community has been pleased to welcome Mike Hall as a residential community member.  Mike is very experienced in working in communities, including L’Arche.  As a trained gardener and masseur, he brings much needed gifts in addition to his many other creative and pastoral skills.

Our Clinical Manager Helen Proudley has been working with the Charity as a professional volunteer for 27 years. Helen is involved on almost a daily basis, working with counsellors and clients, and alongside the office team. Helen’s dedication and professional skills has enhanced the work of the Charity for all these years.

The Rt Revd and Rt Hon Baron Williams of Oystermouth has been a consultant to the Trust since 1993, and became Patron during his time as Archbishop of Canterbury, supporting and visiting the community on several occasions.

The Rt Revd Alison White, the Bishop of Hull, is our Visitor, supporting and advising the work of Holy Rood House.